A swamp, vast and secretive, and full of life. The Kimeti live here, a vibrant and thriving race, hungry for knowledge and stories. They are the swamp's children, who live on the edge between waking and dreaming. In an environment some might call inhospitable they see only great beauty. The Swamp is home, and God; Mother and Father, and Sister and Brother. To leave it is to die, and worse, be a traitor. Their voices drift like whalesong through the mangroves, and their eyes shine like fireflies at nightfall. Their names are brought to them by the Swamp itself, in dreams they live before they are born.

Long ago the Swamp's own Chosen ones prowled in the kudzu, bringing wisdom and prophecy, until slowly, mysteriously, they disappeared. Time passed so swiftly that soon they became only stories, told to foals in the tale-circle, until two--a doe and a buck--went to sleep in the water and woke up in the body of those Legendary Kimeti.

That was a season ago. Now strange thing are happening, and creatures long thought to be myths and stories are appearing on the horizon...

Matope is a closed pixel art Adoptables species, which operates primarily on a forum located here. Participation is largely free, based on RP events, raffles, writing contests, and games. If you're interested in playing, please visit the forums or join our discord and learn all about us!