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Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - Fortune Telling
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 12:58:47 PM »
L i n k -- t o -- c a r ds

Bullfrog got a subtle little smirk from Deceiver at his missing limb, though the acha didn't mention it to him.

"Let us have a look for what your path says."

He moved to look over the shape of the Totoma's outline. "Oh this is a challenging set of symbols." he said. "None of this will be easy, so many are challenges for you ahead. But lets begin at the beginning. In the past we have the hooded, secretive kin, inversed. It brings a light for you but warns that too much of your past has been spent isolated or lonely for one reason or another, it can also mean that perhaps you have been too quick to seperate yourself from others or leave important things behind. It says that perhaps you are on a journey you should not undertake alone."

Moving along he nodded to himself.

"Once again the hearthfire shows itself, home and warmth and family are turned on their head, warning you that you mustn't wait too long by the fire, you must carefully think before you make decisions in the present, take stock of what you've learned and see how you will apply it going forward. This symbol is one that challenges you perhaps to see what you can find from family and friends, once again stressing you should not go alone."

He hummed thoughtfully.

"The final symbol here is the circle, the inevitability of change. This symbol states that things will change. Everything will change wether you want it to or not and strongly cautions against being resistant to this, you do not wish to be crushed by the cycle. You must act, you must get things back on track. This symbol says nothing will get better without you trying to fix it."

He smiled. "But it is not the worst path, this one is mostly telling you to change things, to reach out to others and you will find in the future that once the world has turned, that all things come full circle and you will prosper again."

Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - Fortune Telling
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 12:31:37 PM »
L i n k -- t o -- c a r ds

Deceiver waved a hoof to roots and led her away from the others to where she could have a clean spot to leap into, leaving Gifted to manage the line.

He looked into her past with surprise. "Oh now this symbol. This is the symbol of instruction. Essentially a symbol of wisdom, it is a reference to the lessons passed on in childhood or from wiser more elder kin. It is a complicated one though, because it speaks also of a warning for the future, of those who might betray or harm you now that this guidance is gone. It is a reminder to take the lessons learned very seriously lest you find yourself painfully harmed by those you might otherwise trust in the now."

The next seemed to also interest him.

"Aha! The world tree, bright and radiant, the circle of seasons, of growth and change. This symbol is the entire world and it has the same amount of potential, it means the completion of a goal you intended, of travel of all the positive and good things there can be in the now. If there was ever a symbol that said to act upon things you'd been putting off, this is is. The time to seize the day is now and the world tree will see you through this. Trust your intuition and harmony will be your companion on your path."

It was a powerful path and he lowered his nose to the termination of it.

"And your future holds the sun! Upright and brimming with positivity and fun, all the success and strength you need lies there ahead for the taking. This is a wonderful path and one that is encouraging you to step forward head held high. The sun will nourish the world tree of your present and growth will retun again."

He chuckled.

"I'm quite jealous, I wish this was my path."

@Blinded By Silence
Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - Fortune Telling
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 12:06:48 PM »
L i n k -- t o -- c a r ds

The next acha in line had some of the most fabulous hair Deceiver had ever seen and an attitude to match. He was immediately interested in her and what her path might read.

"Let us see what the snow has to say." he replied to her cheerily, mirroring back just a little of her cheer.

"Your past is interesting." he said. "Inverted, it is the symbol of rebirth, and tells me of a past which was fraught with indecision, perhaps it was due to simply drifting and being wary of commitment, perhaps you've just always been restless. The opposite of rebirth is stagnation and in some ways a lack of contentment. Rebirth is change which moves forward with intention and direction, this is the opposite, moving but staying in one place, without meaning and an idea where you are going.

At least, that is what your past tells me. I'd ask yourself if you could stand to find a direction and commit to it."

He moved onto the present.

"In the present you have stumbled upon a very powerful symbol, that of the shaman, the walker between worlds who looks into the wild in you and asks difficult questions. He too is inverse and like your first symbol asks you to challenge stagnation. Perhaps there is success or progress that you cannot see, maybe what you wanted isn't what you really need."

He curled his tail and smiled a little deviously. "This symbol also warns of greed, of trickery and of those who might take advantage of you given half a chance to do so, and also of that nature in yourself. Are you working for your own benefit? Follow your intuition on things that don't feel correct in the present. You might find an untapped well of potential you never realised. The symbol asks you to question yourself."

"As for your future, this is the great bear, one of the prime symbols of the winter solstice! A very auspicious shape to appear for you today. The great bear guards the burial mounds and protects the dead, they remind us that everything comes full circle and that in a sense there will be judgement for all. It is a symbol of change for you, showing a twisting turning future where you will be asked many times how you wish to grow and to place strong value on the decisions that you will make. These will not be small choices, though they might seem like it at the time, but will have long lasting repercussions for you. Your future weighs heavy with a long period of self reflection, where at the end you will find yourself awakened to new potential you never thought possible."

He laughed. "Very exciting."

Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - Fortune Telling
« Last post by Baneful on Today at 11:21:46 AM »
L i n k -- t o -- c a r ds

Gifted was helping to manage the waiting kin, but Deceiver made his way to the next one in search of his readings, giving him a smile as he looked over the print left behind by Song's body.

"I can tell already this one is interesting." he said, because he could see right away that everything was completely inverse, past present and future. This was unusual and spoke of a kin who was destined for trials. Sometimes though trials were enviable, they made a stronger creature and built resilient character.

"Firstly I can see that your past holds the Sun. Upside down as it is, it tells that perhaps your childhood was more serious than most, that your playful side was suppressed a little, perhaps by responsibility to others, perhaps simply because of where you lived. Either way this symbol is never negative, even flipped, all things are temporary and the obstacles of your past were overcome into the present. The main warning this symbol brings is not aiming too highly or too optimistically when you are free of that responsibility."

Deceiver genuinely enjoyed the more negative readings because they always hinted at exciting things to come, even if that excitement brought trials.

"Next is the hearthfire, the warmth of companionship and family. However inversed as it is in the present it warns of stagnation, resisting change that must happen. It warns you are lingering too long by the fire, that you will find yourself delayed or perhaps even that you will be delayed somehow by outside means. Either way as it is, it is a symbol of stagnation or holding off, wether that is by choice or by force is up to you to interpret in your own circumstances. You must ask yourself what you are waiting on."

Moving along, he settled at the end of the path in the snow.

"This is the ancestor, one of the major symbols and a potent one. She waits in your future and in this context reminds you that you must draw upon yourself to succeed and not permit yourself to be too swayed by the beliefs or opinions of others. Even if this takes you against tradition or friends, this is what must be done. Challenge the things you are told to do and question tradition The ancestor is also the most deeply in tune with the spirits and the world beyond, she normally represents all of those things, but interestingly inverted like this, she is telling you to focus instead on our world and how you can change it."

He lowered his head in a friendly bow. "Enjoy the rest of the festival friend."

Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - Fortune Telling
« Last post by Ravenous13 on Today at 03:31:02 AM »
While wandering the grounds Fights Like Bullfrog- or Bullfrog as most called him- found himself at a moment of indecision. This type of thing was sort of rare for him; to be indecisive, but this Totoma was curious. In all the time that he was alive, he had heard of 'those who saw what others did not'. In his particular little tribe they had called them 'Eyes that see past what is seen'. He had never met any in all his days but he had never really doubted them. Many spoke of their songs of future triumph or future failure. Of how to avoid a certain outcome or who would be met in battle. Years ago it was sang that he would win a battle but would lose a limb. This his mother had told him when he was but a young buckling.

He was much older now and that battle had come and gone. His right hind leg was left such a mangled mess that most of his tribe was sure that he'd die. They left him to the wilderness yet he had returned alive and healing but with the bottom third of his leg missing. It took even longer for the ache to ease. But that was a story for another time. Here the 'Eyes' were not of Totoma but of Acha. Achas...were well... interesting to say the least.

For a long time moment he found himself staring curiously. Perhaps...just perhaps he too lost it in battle... In which case he is very bold for following through with it even though he must have seen it coming or he was very bad at what he does...Do Achas even battle? And this one was sort of smallish.. No matter. This doesn't matter. Bullfrog took in a deep breath and sighed before making his way into the booth.

"Let us see what you see."

He muttered rather unenthusiastically. (although he was quite enthusiastic and interested) He threw himself into the drift of snow before rolling to his feet and hopping out of it with a single precise leap. A slight tilt of his head as he looked down at it.

"Hm..." All that he could see was dents in the snow. That wasn't really unexpected. He was called Fights Like Bullfrog afterall. Seeing past seeing was not his forte. Still he couldn't see how this kin could make anything of it. Hesitantly and quietly he asks glancing from one to the other settling on Deceiver.

"Is it ...anything?"

Show me the future!
I would like to claim my ticket! I know I can only do this once!
Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - The Bonfire
« Last post by Ravenous13 on Today at 02:58:07 AM »
10.   Leaping over the fire is considered good luck for fertility for the coming year and does and bucks alike who feel bold make the jump? Do you join them? Are you singed by the attempt?

Roaring fire and crackling wood and flame. Dancers danced. The night sky sparkled with what seemed like delight. Three Moons, however; was a bit low on mood when he'd made it here. This day hadn't been the best for him. Side glances thrown his way with sneers and curses due to his 'unwieldy brashness' as some had put it. He'd even caught a few kicks and horn jabs here and there. The young Kimeti buck just couldn't seem to catch a break.

However... glancing around the bonfire he could see all the pretty does and bucks enjoying their time here. As he wandered he found himself stomping his steps in time with the drum  and even threw in a few flailing, kicking jumps. So while snorting and wildly enjoying himself a though had crossed his mind. Jump the fire. Its good luck. Jump. JUMP!

Before he could stop himself he was right there, staring into the gaze of that beautiful beast of a blaze. Yes. This is it. A daring grin crept across his face. Taking a few steps back, he gauged the distance. A few more steps back and he could just about see himself making it. A deep breath and he went for it.

The thundering of his hooves muted by the roar of the fire stopped abruptly as he launched himself into the air. Legs tucked and head and ears lowered as if planning to butt whatever was on the other side. He felt the immense heat cover him, his eyes squinting closed as the fire leapt around him before suddenly feeling the cool air hit his face and the rest of him.

Stretching his legs for the landing he found a nice clear spot. His front hooves digging into the packed earth before his momentum sent his rear forward over him and he found himself tumbling roughly horns over hooves to the other side. Finally, he'd come to a stop. He stood  stumbling a few steps and shook himself, blinking a moment before looking at the bonfire before him.

"Hah...HAhaha! I did it! I made it!"

Bounding and spinning in a circle with wild glee. Gouging the dirt with his horns and jumping and kicking in triumph. Pausing abruptly as he caught the scent of burning hair.


Dropping to his haunches quickly as he put out the fire that was beginning to flare on his tail, by rolling in the dirt. That didn't put a damper on his joy however; and he rushed over to the dancers, strutting proudly and excitedly in front of whoever happened to look in his direction. It was his first time jumping it after all and he wasn't one to contain himself. At least now his dancing would be intensely wholehearted. Things were definitely looking up!

Begin the dance!
I would like to claim my ticket! I know I can only do this once!
Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - The Death of the Sun
« Last post by Ravenous13 on Today at 02:50:15 AM »
My choices!
Preference List  - 8,6,2,7,5,3,10,9,1,4
Games & Events / Re: [Open] Winter Solstice - The Death of the Sun
« Last post by Ryuukishin on Today at 02:27:16 AM »
My choices!
Preference List  - 1, 2, 4, 5, 3, 10, 7, 8, 9, 6
Games & Events / Re: Borne Again: Dragon Doe ~48h Naming Contest!
« Last post by LOLLI qAq on Today at 12:56:28 AM »
Name: Wounded
If she were an actual dragon, what would she hoard? Succulents. She would know the Latin name for each type, but also have her own special names for each plant. They would be as children to her.
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