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Author Topic: !! LEGENDARY REQUIREMENTS !! - post here if ready to ascend!  (Read 150 times)


In order to attempt to ascend your kin to the Legendary stage, they must meet the following requirements:

  • A posted naming dream/story for the kin in question
  • Ten (10) finished RPs [aka ten "RP points"] including the kin.
    To be included in the 10 RPs, the total word count of said kin's RP responses in each RP must be a minimum of 500 words.
    You may only have a maximum of four (4) solos out of these 10 RPs. Solos are defined as RPs by one single user/owner, which includes an RP with the kin alone, or the kin with other kin belonging to the same owner.
    At least 6 of these 10 RPs must be with different user(s).
  • A story told or responded to by the kin in question.
Once these have been completed, everyone interested in Ascension must post in this forum with a blurb about why they'd be an interesting Legendary.

Filling the requirements does not guarantee Ascension, it just puts you in the running.

If you have fulfilled these requirements, please make a new thread in this forum that links to all the evidence.