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Author Topic: The Royal Rainbow Troupe - open but still working on things!  (Read 395 times)


Merry have we met, and merry have we been; Merry let us part, and merry meet again;
With our merry sing-song, happy gay, and free, With a merry ding-dong, happy let us be!

- Old English Rhyme

A traveling group of (mostly) Acha performers, intent on showing off and bringing joy to as many kin as possible.

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe
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Daily Gossip

4 June 2019: lmao 2012 was my last update? well, we're moving to matope forums now and also i need to do a tribe contest with the acha kio eggs so look out for that soon

11 November 2012: I always forget to make updates but anyway... TRIBE CONTEST WIN. STAND BY FOR ACHA INFLUX.
13 September 2012: Lots of things happened and we’re now open for membership again!
4 June 2012: Thread created and start up begins. Watch Me will be on the look out for performers soon, so get those resumes ready!

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe
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Information Board

Creation: Watch Me has always been obsessed with Acha, to the point of believing there had been a mistake and he had been born into the wrong body. A desire to surround himself with his favourite kin evolved and the Kiokote decided to source the best talent he could find to create a performing Acha troupe!

Beliefs: Fun and free love! They prize appearance and skill above anything else, and are intent on enjoying life to the fullest. Other personal beliefs are accepted and never questioned. Nasty minded Kin are told to take a hike before they ruin everyone’s day.

Tribe Life: The tribe is very loosely held together, with Acha coming and going as they will. It’s a very haphazard set up, however there is order amongst the chaos, and they somehow manage to come together when necessary. Nights are spent chatting, napping, grooming and practicing skills for the next show. Days are for travel, more chatting and performing. If you’re looking for life and death struggles, or anything remotely philosophical, you’re in the wrong place. The closest thing to drama this tribe will be dealing with is wondering who the father of Floozy Sue’s new clutch is.   

Other Tribes: They are keen on making strong ties with all other tribes, happy to perform for a share of food and company. Watch Me is also a terrible gossip; so if you’re after information on other tribes, he’s very easy to sway…

Offspring: It’s bound to happen. So many beautiful, spirited Acha dancing about and getting into each others business. But the tribe won’t stop and wait (unless they're related to Watch Me or Prize, in which case it's bunker down folks). The parents either need to wait until their young can keep up or leave them behind. Any offspring that decide to remain with the tribe rather than go their own way are welcome, and will be taught a myriad of skills by their elders.

Dispute Handling: Watch Me doesn’t want to know. Handle it yourself. Just don’t let it affect your performance. Prize can be brought in to mediate but you probably don't want that.

Loyalty: While you’re welcome to come and go or even join other tribes, there is an element of loyalty expected within the troupe. If you’re scheduled to perform, you turn up or you get a talking to. This might be for fun, but showing off is serious business.

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe
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Tribe Member/Player List

There are no exact ranks within the tribe; they are distinguished only by whether they are a performer or not. However greater respect is given to long-standing members and those who have obvious and great talent. Any disputes over who gets the better spots or the best food is a delicate political drama. It's who you know and what you can do and how much Prize seems to like you. 

The Showrunners

Watch Me and Prize are the undisputed 'leaders' of the tribe, even if they don't hold any official title.

Watch Me is the founder of the troupe. A source of endless praise, he can be found either flitting between his tribe-mate Acha making sure they know how amazing they are or seeking out new talent. He's charismatic and charming but lacks organizational skills. He's the one with the big visions and ideas but it'll have to be someone else who makes it a reality.

A talented singer and dancer who refuses to do either, Prize is no-nonsense and seems to find Watch Me to be one big irritant. However she was the first to join him and they have five children together, so she's clearly not as averse to his presence as she makes out. The real powerhouse of the tribe, she makes all the important decisions and is a ruthless negotiator.

The Super Special Performers

Red-Stained Blossom - Doggy circus! With her highly accomplished trio of sand dogs, a spectral hound, and a wolf, Rouge's puppy pals can do almost any stupid pet trick you can think of: acrobatics, arithmetic, howling in harmony, eviscerating a mongoose with blinding precisio - not that one? Okay. You name it, they do it - and they're great for cuddles with the kiddies! ...And if you're short an act, Rouge herself could always perform her signature Breathtakingly Bloody Balletic Hunting Artsho - no? Spoilsport. Outside of the ring, she can also hunt for the tribe. A fun and flirty bon vivant - and a bloodthirsting hunter-artist. La vie boheme!

One of Watch Me's lovers and a real live legendary, Rouge is held in very high esteem. 

Acha Performers and Tribe Enthusiasts

Seclusion - She hardly seems interested in being here but she’s usually floating around anyway, standing morosely beside her father Watch Me. She dances with the best of them, but there is rarely any joy in her movements. In truth, she longs to be elsewhere.
Catching Fire - Performer -- Catching Fire is a contact juggler! Sweet-natured, chatty and cheery, and maybe a little daft, Catching Fire is a frenetic sort, always on the go. It isn't uncommon to see him carrying on a conversation with another acha while simultaneously bouncing a rock off of his horns, his butt, twirling around to kick it back up in the air, and then catching it in his mouth. He is always ready to lend an ear or strike up a conversation ... but his trains of thought are about as erratic as his act. A sweetheart, just not all there.
Soft Pink -  Dancer. Soft Pink loves attention and cuddling. She is an absolute sweetheart. She is mostly a vegetarian because she hates to hurt other creatures just to eat them. If she doesn't have to kill the animal herself, she is fine with eating meat. The exception is bugs. She doesn't feel bugs have a complex enough mind to feel guilty about killing them to sustain herself. She would love to have others who can get meat for her.
Performer – Dancer. Soft Pink loves attention and cuddling. She is an absolute sweetheart. She is mostly a vegetarian because she hates to hurt other creatures just to eat them. If she doesn't have to kill the animal herself, she is fine with eating meat. The exception is bugs. She doesn't feel bugs have a complex enough mind to feel guilty about killing them to sustain herself. She would love to have others who can get meat for her.
Playing Fox - The witty fool. He makes jokes, pokes fun at people, and sings little (sometimes rude) ditties...all while tumbling and frolicking and prancing like an acrobat, agile and light on his feet. Fox is basically the acha version of a court jester. While outwardly he appears a bit of a fool, his joking comments usually hold some bit of inner wisdom. He can say things that others might shy away from because while they might seem rude or outright scandalous coming from others' mouths, a fool is (usually) excused his misdemeanors. He can be a bit biting with his words, however, and sometimes gets into trouble.
Changing Faces - Changing Faces fancies he's revolutionized the idea of drama and certainly he's got a knack for a good tug-at-your-heart romance. He's constantly creating and directing plays and performances, and while he has a tendency to cast himself in the lead role, being part of a tribe might tamp down his ego a bit. Or he may just find himself clashing and injured more than he's used to.
Quiverstep - Singer. He can dance if it's required of him, but singing is his specialty. Quiver is vain, melodramatic and you will probably want to maim him, but he's a loving friend and he's good at what he does. Bugs, caimans, boars, the dark – you name it, Quiver is probably scared of it. And boy, will you know. The Acha is capable of ridiculously high, ear-piercing shrieks, and will incessantly wail on about something unless he is told to shut up. Which he will… eventually. Maybe.

Raise Your Voice -  Singer. The star of the show, obviously. Without her beautiful voice, the tribe would certainly fall, in Raise's opinion. Primarily a singer, if her incessant tuning doesn't clue one in, but Raise is more than happy to help any other act (or take over, as the audience could always be further enthralled by her singing). A haughty singer who sings instead of speaking, Raise can take herself a bit too seriously - compliments only, people, no criticism! (Like she needs criticism, her voice is perfect). She doesn't mean any harm, except to your pride; she just knows better than you
Step to the Right - Right can't help but be in the spotlight. He tells stories and dances, and recently has discovered a way to make stories come alive by using shadows cast from a fire. Right is the motherfather's gift to does. At least, he thinks so. He will flirt with any female, though sometimes it's more in good fun then anything serious. He shamelessly tries to boost any female's ego and confidence. There's also a strong rivalry between Step to the Right and his twin brother Two Left Feet. They both think they're better then the other. Obviously Right is the winner since he's the one in the troupe. The BEST Troupe. Because he's in it, obviously.
Bring in the Night - She dapples in dance and song, but her greatest joy is storytelling. "WE ARE LOUD AND ROYAL. Clearly it is important you allow us into your fold!" She's ... Actually a sweetheart. A really big softy, even, when given the chance. However she does fully believe that she is of very special stock and expects to be treated as such.
Dance for the Sun - Dancer. The only true outlet for Tribute's energy is dancing. He specializes in tribal, ceremonial dances including lots of stomping and twirling, but can occasionally be known to add a few sounds and cries in with his footwork. He's not against more modern dances, but his favorites are those more suited to ceremonies and tributes, much like his name suggests. Tribute is extremely energetic, and can rarely if ever sit completely still if he's awake. But he means well, he really does, he just has a passion for life and being around others. He tries to make people smile whenever he can, because he's actually very susceptible to negative emotions. He's rather empathic, so he tries to surround himself with fun, happy people whenever possible.
Sweet Surprise - Over-all helper for the most part, but she does have a voice so sweet you can taste the honey, not that she considers it worthy showing off to others, unless caught by accident. Honey is, in a word, rational. She knows all actions have consequences, and that the golden rule is always in effect. As such, she realizes that to have such a huge amount of Acha with egos the size of the swamp might conjure some problems on the getting along front. So she considers it her mission to help out Prize with her unkind job of organizing the Troupe and making sure all the performers don't tear each other's throats out in a battle for the spotlight. Honey is, perhaps, a bit too self-critical, but she is ever ready to help out the more talented performers, be it settling disputes or offering very friendly advice on a performance. (Oh, that was splendid, but I think, and you don't have to listen to me, dear, of course not, but I think it would just be that more spectacular if you add in a little side step at the end. Yes, just like that!)
Two Left Feet - Left is a performer through and through. He lives for the limelight and the attention of all the masses. He dances and sings! But his absolute favorite thing to do is tell stories. Most of his stories are geared to the young or young at heart. He works well with his brother, Step to the Right, but outside performances they constantly compete to prove who is better. Left is a fool, willing to be laughed at for the hell of it. He doesn't appear to have any depth beyond his need for the spotlight and loud, boisterous ways. When you really get to know him and you get right down to it, he is a stubborn fool. It takes some strong convincing to change his mind, if you can stand him for that long

Gossamer Threads - Ambiance, darling. He's the one that meticulously retrieve spiderwebs intact and puts them on the surrounding foliage just so, so when the performance begins, the sun or moon will bejewel the stage. He scavenges and barters for seashells and beetle shells, opalescent rocks and dragonfly wings, fashioning props and 'costume jewelry' for his troupe. In a pinch, he's also a great replacement act: with his delicate touch, he can prance and move the air just so to let his spiderwebs glide around him as though the very air in his wake is made of rainbows, or use his tail to fan hundreds of dragonfly wings in the air. Sweet, excitable and eager to please, he tends to seek affirmation that what he's done - cooking, performing, you name it -- is the best it can be (even though he'll always seek to out-do himself the next go-round). Though he's got a delicate touch, he actually likes to work behind the scenes, appreciating being told he's done a job well more than the stress of the spotlight.
Thrum - Spiritual and impulsive both, Thrum is a creature who hears music in everything and can draw inspiration from anything. He is a flighty buck in that he is always on the move; it is highly unlikely that he will ever settle down with one doe, but rather keep a few at close range. He is a wanderer at heart and follows the music wherever it leads him, and rarely tells anyone where he is going. How can he if he doesn't know where his hooves will lead him? He is often gone for days at a time, sometimes even weeks! He'll always find his way back to the Troupe, no matter where they are. Its the only place with souls like his, where he can truly feel at home.
Just So - A charming, suave, outgoing sort of buck, Just So is a connoisseur of life, enjoying every moment of it living his own way. Come-and-go performer. He could be a star if he tried, but doesn't care so much for the fame as for pleasing a crowd and enjoying his own performance. He loves to wander the Swamp and come back with tales for all who'll hear him and new ideas for performances. On his own he'll dance in his particular style, or spar with his dogs, but he's also more than willing to join group performances. Need another dancer? Someone to play the villain or the hero? A bass singer? Just So will volunteer with an easy confidence.
Skindeep - Skindeep is a mystery. It’s impossible to tell what’s she’s thinking as she winds her way around her comrades with an ever present smile. Her skills are varied; but she excels at acrobatics and is extremely flexible, capable of twisting her body is shapes that show off her magnificent markings.
Kernel - Kernel is great at herding Kin due to his terrifyingly loud voice and personable nature. There's nothing he likes better than seeing a big bunch of folk settled and having a good time. He loves food and is happy to share.
Fearful Symmetry - A fire performer, constructing elaborate flammable structures through which he dances improbably acrobatic feats, when he is not whirling or juggling fiery props, or closing his show with an ambitious breath of flame. Fear lives for his craft, with room for little else. A consummate professional, he is intense and quiet - very quiet. His early experiments with fire-breathing had often left his throat blistered, and though that was time ago, he has since grown largely silent out of habit.

Forever Young - Young's acts revolve almost strictly around kids, although some adults may enjoy her act. Her stunning array of goofy poses, comical movements, pantomimes and funny faces keep them constantly entertained more-so than adults, as a rule, and she can keep it up for a loooong tiiime, whether entertaining a few or a large group. Young does not have a serious bone in her body. She's constantly goofing off, joking around, and generally annoying others with her antics. In the shows she's great with young ones, but outside of them, she acts like the young one. You have to have a great sense of humor, as well as tons of patience, to get along with her.
Beyond the Pale - For the kin who are begrudgingly forced to go to a "silly, ridiculous circus," Beyond the Pale is just the right attraction for them: Professional heckler and one-doe games operator, she's got a gift for getting under a kin's skin and staying there. Her goal is to solely separate you from your prized items and/or food. And should you best her, you'll feel like you're on top of the world. As her name suggests, she's a teller of really off-color jokes. Shittalker extraordinaire, she displays all the classic signs of being the runt of the litter. Eager for approval, she is loud, overprotective, combative and impulsive. As such, she's got a bevy of battlescars from her foalhood which hide easily with a mask and bangles. It doesn't matter what the game is, the goal for any kin participating in her games is to wipe the smirk off her face.
Every Good Buck - thyPOPE
A lovely doe with a stunning vocal range and refreshingly operatic voice, Buck left her father's choir in favor of a group that allowed more focus on individuals and on performing. She can't compose or write lyrics, and she's the sort to ham it up in order to please a crowd, but the thing that really keeps kin coming back is her voice.
Art Beat - Art Beat is, as her name suggests, an artist! She collects pigments from special ingredients and mixes them with a base of flax oil, crushed egg shells, etc, and uses her bright and vibrant colors and delicate and dexterous tail to turn anything drab into instant beauty! Art Beat would love to help anyone spice up their act with some color or even do face painting for the crowd!
Break A Leg -
At first Blush

Waterfall -  high jumper who is not afraid of heights and a backup dancer who dances in silence! Waterfall cannot sing even if his life depended on it, but he could perform alone or be part of an act. He is born kind and forgiving, and will help answer questions the audience throws at the tribe.
Remember - Bodyguard. This acha is too grumpy to be able to perform since he constantly walks around with an irritated look on his face. Remember has no interest in showing off his talents. He has a happier time protecting the troupe members and their belongings while they are busy preparing for their show. 
Wrap You in Stories - A story-singer who sings of all things - from sagas of glory to the sweetest of stories. In feathered crown or flowered mask, she gives dulcet voice to her players and tales, and invites her audience to join in the song.
I Do - A born socialite, witty and pretty and gay, flitting from Kin to Kin at a soirée, with an enchanting laugh and a dazzling bon mot. Completely self-possessed, with a bit of the devil in her – but sometimes she might just be a bit too smart for her own good. She may be light on her feet and bright with a tune, but, rather than reforming, she takes a more ambassadorial role, cajoling customers and potential partners alike.
Twister - Twisty is super cheesy and prone to pun throwing. He's not very deep but he loves to entertain. He's a jester, a fool, a clown! 
Jester - A jester (legit!), a good dancer and loves to do the "make fun of so and so" kind of barb witty on the spot kinds of jokes during parties. Is a bit of a contortionist, and can bend his body in strange twistings and bendings and likes to freak people out with his basically-rubber body. Don't ask him to do that weird thing with his back feet and his horns... it's sorta gross. 

Cinderstep - Quick footed and sure, both of herself and her dance, she never misses a beat.
Twinkle Toes - Despite his name, he's got four left feet; maybe there's something else he can do? Turns out he's an artist!
Catch Me If You Can - This darling little Acha was made for the stage. She is a gifted singer and dancer who pours her heart and soul into her craft. Every detail is attended to with painstaking care and critical attention and she enjoys putting on elaborate shows that tantalize the senses and leave the audience in awe. She adores costuming as well and MotherFather forbid you get her anywhere near feathers and glittery gems.. or agree to be her mannequin.
Lover Boy - Lover Boy is enigmatic, outgoing, flirtatious, and doesn't care if you're a buck or a doe because he loves everyone, if you catch my drift. He also likes being the center of attention, so this is perfect for him in the end as far as he's concerned. A poet.
Amethyst Song - Singer and song-writer. He enjoys creating new songs, and showing them to others so that they might join him in creating a beautiful sound. He doesn't have the greatest voice, but the sounds and words he strings together make up for it. He hopes to one day write the perfect song to attract a mate, for he feels that it is destined that is how he will meet his one true love.

The Fabulous Six

Stagehands and Followers

Thunder - Thunder does not want to follow. She wants to perform. She knows that not only is she beautiful and intelligent and talented, she also just as good as any acha. Well, it's a matter of opinion of course but her's is all that matters. Right? Thunder, from a young age, learned that even though she is noticably thinner and frailer looking than other kimeti she also has a hightened sense of balance. Nothing supernatural; just a finely honed skill. Her favorite trick is finding rounder boulders and balancing on one as she rolls them about in circles. Eventually she wants to set it up that as she balances other boulders are rolled in for her to jump to. For now, though, she's content to tag along and watch. And wait.
Let Me Fall - Following Thunder's lead mostly, which she is more than happy to do. She likes the idea of a group of performing kin and is intensely interested in the acha and their styles of song and dance. She can't do any of those things. What she can do however, is for a small amount of time dislocated each joint individually and contort her body in very ... disturbing ways. She is very flexible. Eventually it would be nice if she could do her thing with the acha, but she's content to sit and watch.
Tender -  Being born into the business, Tender loves her mama, her papa, her sisters, their tribe; is quiet, polite, always helpful, and will do anything for Royal Rainbow that needs doing. She is a dainty ballerina to every last sinew, and though she never minds that Papa will not let her perform, she'd leap at the chance should he ever change his mind.

Mare in the Moon - The troupe would be her family and so despite not being able to preform (and having little issue with this) she would stay and find herself other ways to be useful and happy.
All Too Soon - To begin with it was just his children and doing whatever he had to in order to be a part of their lives, but as time went on he came to feel a part of the tribe, enjoying the merriment and shows, even now that his children have grown, he stays. 
Almost There -
Under the Rose -

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe
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Reservation List

A compilation of all tribe rps.

[PRP] Who Let the Dogs Out [Rouge / Watch Me]: In which Watch Me discovers just how ‘cute’ Rouge’s puppies are.
[PRP] With Restrictions [RRT] - In which non-Acha are finally allowed to call themselves tribe members… with restrictions of course.

Group Rps
[PRP] The First Official Gathering [Royal Rainbow Troupe]: In which Watch Me makes some long, ridiculous speech about how wonderful everyone is.
[ORP] Rise&Shine+RoyalRT FlambeParty! – The Troupe gets together with Rise&co for an amazing event!
[TORP] The Royal Rainbow Troupe - Flower Festival Gathering - In which Watch Me is loud, there are a lot of flowers and everyone is having a good time... except maybe Quiverstep.
Spooktacular Fright Night! [The Royal Rainbow Troupe - ORP - Boo! Ooga booga! Wawoooo! Are you scared yet?
[Wandering Prompt - Stuck!] Watch Me, Royal Rainbow Troupe - In which Watch Me is stuck and gives everyone a lesson in dramatics.

Rebuilding the Mound: In which Prize is annoyed and Watch Me discovers a beautiful songstress.
[PRP] Negotiations [RR Troupe/Rise Tribe] – In which there is negotiations with Rise and Co. and Watch Me proves he’s not entirely useless. Prize is still not impressed.
[PRP] Dancing Words [Watch Me/Secret Pleasures]
- In which Watch Me meets an Acha from another tribe and will eventually try to impregnate her.
[PRP] Family Reunion [Watch Me/Wild Eyes/Rouge/others] - In which there is a new arrival and Watch Me wants to drown himself.

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe
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A list of other tribes and their relationship to the troupe.

Rise and Co. Preserved and Exotic Foods - The RRT has worked together with this tribe on multiple occasions, after all, an audience hang around longer if there's something to snack on. It's been a very beneficial arrangement so far.

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Spotlight is the Royal Rainbow Troupes resident Salamander. A (luckily) patient little creature used for performances, night practices, to add certain flair to acts, occasionally for cooking and anything else anyone can think of. All troupe members are welcome to make use of him, just check in with Prize first.

[You are welcome to use Spotlight in any rp outside of the troupe if it has IC reasons, please just link me the rp in thread, thank you]

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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So think you can dance…?

What’s expected from you…: nothing tbh. Enjoy the tribe and any ORP's that pop up or don't!

You get: fun rp and story opportunities!
At the moment only Acha will be accepted as main tribe members because Watch Me is terribly biased. However other kin are more than welcome to follow the group and maybe if they prove their worth, will be able to be part of the main show.

Other Kin are accepted as ‘official followers’. They are not allowed to perform, but are welcome to take part in troupe activities, help the Acha performers train and are generally given the crappy fetch jobs.  Watch Me will also get them to talk to Prize for him when she’s in a particularly bad mood.

Note that the tribe will eventually allow very select kin that aren't Acha to perform but it will be on a case by case basis.

Please fill out the below form and post it in thread.

Auditions are currently: OPEN

Code: [Select]
[color=maroon][b]I’m auditioning for the show![/b][/color][/size]
[b]Acha Name:[/b]
[b]Image Link:[/b]
[b]Brief Personality:[/b]
[b]Proposed Role:[/b] [Please include skills (if any), if they will be a performer or just a tag along, etc. Please note this is what I will use for their front page bio!]
[b]Would you like a mask? If so, which one?[/b]

Code: [Select]
[color=violet][b]I’m a groupie![/b][/color][/size]
[b]Kin Name:[/b]
[b]Image Link:[/b]
[b]Brief Personality:[/b]
[b]Why they want to follow the troupe:[/b] [Please explain! Please also specify if they eventually want to try convince Watch Me to let them perform. I'll most likely use this for their front page bio.]

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Costume Department

All tribe members (Acha only!) are welcome to a mask of their own. Please quote me with your choice.

Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Coming soon!

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Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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Re: The Royal Rainbow Troupe [U/C]
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The Royal Rainbow Troupe is out in force this winter market! They seem to be everywhere, roaming in bright packs, laughing and cavorting. However they all eventually circle back to large stage that’s been decorated with pretty branches and colourful feathers.

Watch Me in there, dressed in his best, his loud voice booming over all sounds to announce:

“Welcome to Swamp Idol!”

Yup, it’s time for a singing competition!

Four songbirds are perched around the stage, with Sung-through, Watch Me’s daughter, whispering softly to them. They’ve been meticulously trained by the gentle Kiokote and are ready to act as back-up vocals.

Three judges stand before you!

The esteemed and exuberant Watch Me, the ice queen Prize and the doggedly brilliant Red-Stained Blossom.

Do you think you have what it takes? Will you entrance everyone with a beautiful song or will they cover their ears in horror? Take to the stage and find out!

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