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Author Topic: [PRP] A Bite To Eat (As Here I Fell + Crawley)  (Read 55 times)


[PRP] A Bite To Eat (As Here I Fell + Crawley)
« on: July 11, 2019, 03:37:57 PM »
Crawly always tried really hard to live each day to the fullest. He was an Acha with many plates to spin and not enough time to keep them all from breaking. At least he was never bored.

In terms of his social life Crawly didn't have a tribe or even a particular group of kin that he ran with day to day, he kept his social circle mostly to himself and Ash. It certainly wasn't that he didn't have people who (quite badly) wanted to talk to him, he just didn't want to talk to them. In all actuality, he spent quite a lot of his time avoiding a group of unpleasant kin he technically still worked with.

That particular day he'd just gotten done visiting one of the groups he stopped by at, he'd done a pretty impressive deal where he'd passed off some really pretty rocks for some honest to goodness fish, fancy ones even. He had them wrapped in a big leaf and carried proudly in his mouth.

"'ate 'ill 'oo 'ee 'at 'I've 'ot" he sung at Ash through his mouthful of bounty. "'oo 'are 'unna 'ike 'it"


Re: [PRP] A Bite To Eat (As Here I Fell + Crawley)
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 05:02:11 PM »
Ash also spent a lot of time avoiding meaningful interaction. It wasn't malicious. Many kimeti, he was sure, were entirely lovely, but he preferred to perform a few good deeds and make things a little brighter and more comfortable for his fellow swamp denizens with the knowledge that he himself had a comfortable and quiet place to retire to, a perfectly reasonable little patch of out of the way land he had stuffed with artisanal knick knacks and that encompassed all the parts of the swamp he liked best.

Matters with Crawly were entirely more complicated. As much as he was dedicated to helping others, Crawly was just as dedicated to the opposite. They had grown up in the desert, under two opposing tribes with very different philosophies, and when they'd first arrived at the swamp it was with the intention that they would be ambassadors on behalf of their respective tribes, and keep the other tribe's ambassador from succeeding in their own goals. However, it quickly became apparent he couldn't go back to the desert, and other ambassadors were less keen to join him, so they relied on Ash for updates and progress and the like. At first, he had been very keen, but after a while his original tribe had seemed far away, and some of their goals not quite in touch with some of the things he faced, and it was difficult to do all he was asked without any help.

The only one who truly could either understand his position or help him was the acha he was supposed to be opposing.

He knew he was the enemy, he did. Obviously, he was. But since they were both stuck, and they both needed to make reports, and it wasn't likely their tribe members would set hoof in the swamp, Crawly had suggested it might be better if instead of sabotaging each other they might do a little cooperating, which included the occasional exchange of favors. Working covertly together, as it turned out, involved occasional other things together, like sharing a walk, or a meal, or a conversation, and Ash found that his longtime and hereditary enemy was a perfectly pleasant companion in all these pursuits.

"I'm sure I won't like any of your nefarious plots," Ash said affably. His nose caught some of what Crawly was carrying in his mouth. "Is that fresh fish?"