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Author Topic: Swarm  (Read 81 times)

« on: July 20, 2019, 09:00:15 AM »

Naming Dream

A doe that was raised by two wasps, Swarm grew up to be blunt and near emotionless.
Her journey began in realizing that there was more to her than being a wasp and that she needed to embrace being a kin as well.
Balancing those dual natures has been her greatest battle and she has finally come to terms with who she is,
now that she has her mate and children by her side. Every day is a new and vital step to being whole.

RP Requirements

1. [SOLO] Heart of the Wasp [Swarm]
2. [PRP] A Wing and a Prayer [ First Strike / Swarm ]
3. Hibiscus Game
4. Rebuilding the Mound
5. [WP05] Far From Home
6.    [WP09] Swarm, Dapper Mantis
7. [PRP] Seeking Shelter [Swarm/Moonlit Waters]
8. [PRP] In The Flesh [Swarm/Dapper Mantis]
9. Creation Drabble
10. Season of Love Drabble

[Bonfire Solo] Finding Food [Swarm]
[Bonfire Solo] Seeking Wood [Swarm]

Re: Swarm
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guess who is an idiot who pressed quote instead of modify