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Author Topic: Distant Thunder  (Read 191 times)


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Distant Thunder
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:36:10 PM »

Naming Dream

1. Thunder in the Stars with Tastes Like Summer & Dances with Shadows - wherein Distant Thunder arrives in the Swamp from The Ache, and encounters Tastes like Summer in search of his seafoam dream.
- Follow Your Heart with Tastes Like Summer - wherein Distant Thunder returns from a short excursion to the plains to retrieve trinkets for his coming foals.
2. Xmas 2015: Lick's Icicle Target Toss (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder enragedly chases victory at the Winter Market, and achieves it through sheer determination.
3. Xmas 2015: Can You and Negative's Treasure Flip! (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder's overconfidence and unthinking aggression launches a shell-full of bugs onto himself.
- Xmas 2015: Build-a-Bouquet! with The Friends - wherein Distant Thunder makes a flower bouquet and demonstrates he can't tell between genders for other races
4. Xmas 2015: Super Smash Kin Brawl Deluxe (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder is humbled by a caiman in the fighting ring.
5. Xmas 2015: Deathcap's Magic Mushrooms (solo) - wherein Distant Thunder faces his fears and shame while getting really high on mushrooms.
6. A Seafoam Silhouette with Sleeps Beneath - wherein Distant Thunder's hope in finding his dream's figures forces him to adjust his ideals, and seizes his chance with the second seafoam doe.
7. Rising Tide with Distant Tidings - wherein Distant Thunder finally proactively leaves to the sea, finds his soulmate, Distant Tidings, and everything seems peachy keen.
8. Crashing Wave with Distant Tidings & Shallows - wherein Distant Thunder finds out his soulmate is a buck (from said soulmate's own son), and leaves in rage as Tidings fails to live up to his dream.
9. A Little Help from The Friends - wherein Distant Thunder, with the help of his son and The Friends, realises that even the barest of his stubborn ideals tie him to a petty struggle, and abandons them.
10. Distant Shore with Distant Tidings & Sideways Down - wherein Distant Thunder rescues and reunites with Distant Tidings, embracing the gift the Swamp gave to him.

Story Told: The Rainbow's Seventh Colour

Why Distant Thunder would be an interesting Legendary: Distant Thunder had always lived his life to ideals, since his youth in the plains, and his adulthood in the swamp. He would be bold, powerful, and virtuous: the very model of an ideal kiokote, and he worked and behaved tirelessly to fulfil that ideal. For much of his life, he had been haunted by his naming dream, where he is endlessly chasing a seafoam figure of a kin. Since the Flood and The Ache, he had sought this figure, and unsurprisingly, from his attitude towards life, had built up an ideal of what this figure would be (a beautiful doe), and what his life would be like after discovering this figure (creating a family together).

After finally finding the seafoam kin of his dream and a dramatic fall-out, he learnt to release this notion of an ideal, and embraces what the Swamp has given him. In understanding the unpredictability of life and the Swamp's will, he would be keen to guide kin towards such acceptance...or if they won't listen, put them in their place. One may have to impart the Swamp's teachings differently on different kin...