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Author Topic: Distant Tidings  (Read 198 times)


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Distant Tidings
« on: July 25, 2019, 11:57:04 PM »

:: Journal Profile
:: Naming Dream

:: RPs

01. Journey into Mystery (Solo)
Tidings runs from the desert to the sea to seek the belonging his naming dream promised...to find no such thing.
02. Idle Gossip (Solo)
While dejected by the unfulfilled promise of his dream, Tidings is out-tricked by an avian companion he inadvertently acquires.
03-5. Tidings at the Winter Market 2015 (ORP + Solox2)
Still, there is much in life to enjoy - and Tidings does so at the Winter Market, to his fill.
06. Far from the Madding Crowd
But as the crowds thin, he feels the weight of his misfitting, and finds solace with a fellow outcast.
07. Happy Little Surprises
Tiding's son, Shallows, visits his father with vengeance, but Tidings refuses to learn that deception will reap woes.
08. Every Dog is a Good Dog
Especially after he does learn that no good deed goes unpunished, as he becomes the owner of a nightmare hound.
09. Lost at Sea (Solo)
After all that he has run of the Swamp, tasted, and had, Tidings is no closer to the promised home of his dream.
10. Rising Tide
And then, he finally finds the one his dream had promised at the sea, and everywhere is home...except for one small problem.
11. Crashing Wave
Tiding's happiness is destroyed by that one small problem...that he had chosen to lie about, of course.
12. Distant Shore
And thus he finally accepts: he really does cause a lot of his own problems by lying. Does he really deserve this happy ending?!

:: Story Told: Growing Pains

Why Tidings would make an interesting Legendary...
Tidings is a trickster, mercurial and sly, full of puzzles and laughter, and lies. Yet, underneath it all, he is melancholy – he feels a misfit, an outcast, who'll never truly fit in for all his good cheer. He had already known it, from the dream he had in his sac: his birthplace would fit wrong, and every place after, till he reached the sea – and so he ran to the sea as soon as he could, once born. But, despite his dream, even at the sea, he found not home, and so, he thought, always a misfit he would be. It is only through the journey hence that he learns: home is what you make of it, and deception might well an outcast make…even though, he thinks, there is still always a time for tricks.

He would make a interesting legendary because he's a chaotic good character who's learnt to be mindful of the balance of deception and empathy, but still likes puzzles and tricks and will make blessings devious and fun. Also, he runs all over the Swamp to spread news, has seen tons of things, and can pop up in the strangest of places.