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Author Topic: Legendary List & Blessing Volunteers  (Read 404 times)


Legendary List & Blessing Volunteers
« on: May 17, 2019, 03:00:48 PM »
name . breed . gender . owner . ascension date . soul

...in order of ascension...

Sleep-bringing Flower . Kimeti . Mare . Oh Mellon Collie . 28th of January 2009 . Moth

Swan . Kimeti . Stag . Rejam . 8th February 2009 . Swan

Lost Light . Kimeti . Stag . Tomitora . 21st July 2009 . Lynx

Streaked Sky . Kimeti . Mare . [.Lady of Shalott.] . 1st February 2010 . Songbird

Nettle . Kimeti . Stag . blue . 10th February 2010 . Watersnake + Turtle

Webweave . Kimeti . Mare . Darkmoon Dancer . 16th February 2010 . Crane

Mourning Fog . Kimeti . Stag . Evelastina . 15th April 2010 . Moth

Dune . Kimeti . Stag . Granny-in-Heat . 9th June 2010 . Mongoose

Stargarden . Kimeti . Stag . Appeal . 9th June 2010 . Crane + Moth

Wildflower Breeze . Kimeti . Stag . TheCorniest . 7th July 2011 . Songbird + Otter

Fiend . Kimeti . Stag . Fluorescein . 7th July 2011 . Eaglehound + Muskwolf

Fish Bones . Kimeti . Stag . venafydan . 7th July 2011 . Foxbun

Dream Weaver . Kimeti . Mare . [.Lady of Shalott.] . 13th September 2010 . Moth

Wood Spider . Kimeti . Mare . phoe . 27th February 2011 . Foxbun

Frenzy . Kimeti . Mare . lostandtold . 7th July 2011 . Caiman

Bitterleaf . Kimeti . Mare . Rejam . 28th July 2011 . Eaglehound

Longstride . Kimeti . Stag . phoe . 28th July 2011 . Eaglehound + Gryphon

Spring Peeper . Kimeti . Stag . xelhaspixiestix . 1st August 2011 . Foxbun

Walks Without Rhythm . Kimeti . Stag . phoe . 24th May 2012 . Turtle

Doom . Kimeti . Mare . Fluorescein . 24th May 2012 . Wasp + Gryphon + Feathered Serpent

Lull in Sunlight . Kimeti . Mare . anemosagkelos . 24th May 2012 . Owlcat + Gryphon

Meets-the-Sea . Kimeti . Mare . les vagues . 24th May 2012 . Crane

Cue Queue . Kimeti . Mare . Jun . 24th May 2012 . Owlcat + Wasp

Willows-Breath . Kimeti . Mare . blue . 24th May 2012 . Moth

Tastes Like Summer . Kiokote . Mare . Amorpheous . 18th April 2013 . Cheetah

Acorn . Kiokote . Mare . The Cake Mage of Sheep . 18th April 2013 . Mongoose

Red-stained Blossom . Acha . Mare . Jun . 18th April 2013 . Sand Dog + Winged Mantis

Last Night . Kimeti . Mare . Amorpheous . 5th June 2015 . Spider

Glossbones . Kimeti . Stag . Fluorescein . 5th June 2015 . Owlcat

Sacred Grove . Kiokote . Mare . Chrystali . 5th June 2015 . Swan

Burning Bush . Kimeti . Mare . Minsuil . 23rd July 2015 . Owlcat

Bare Trees . Kimeti . Mare . Aric Val . 12th September 2015 . Foxbun

Bitter Heartbeat . Kimeti . Stag . anemosagkelos . 23rd July 2015 . Caiman + Minibear

Bitter End . Kimeti . Mare . Maxx . 12th September 2015 . Caiman + Cave Worm + Long Furby

Light in the Night . Kimeti . Mare . blue . 12th September 2015 . Eaglehound

Look-See . Kimeti . Mare . Fluorescein . 19th February 2016 . Lynx + Flox

Giveforward . Kimeti . Mare . anemosagkelos . 19th February 2016 . Songbird

Peep . Acha . Mare . Ruriska . 19th February 2016 . Foxbun + Lioness

The Killing Moon . Kimeti . Stag . Ruriska . 14th January 2017 . Eaglehound + Wolf

Travels in Circles . Kimeti . Stag . anemosagkelos . 14th January 2017 . Moth

Roses in Bloom . Kimeti . Mare . Moonstone Dazzle . 14th January 2017 . Swan

Sleepless . Kimeti . Mare . Jun . 28th August 2018 . Spider

Smoldering Reverie . Kimeti . Mare . Amorpheous . 28th August 2018 . Eaglehound

Distant Tidings . Acha . Buck . Jun . 17th October 2019 . Watersnake

Distant Thunder . Kiokote . Buck . Maxx . 17th October 2019 . Eaglehound

Gloom . Kimeti . Buck . fluorescein . 17th October 2019 . Spider

Half Truth . Kimeti . Doe . Scaramouche Fandango . 17th October 2019 . Eaglehound

Swarm . Kimeti . Doe . Ruriska . 17th October 2019 . Wasp


Blessing Volunteers
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2019, 05:13:13 PM »
Here are all the Legendaries who have been kind enough to offer themselves up for blessing prospective parents!
If you are a Legendary owner who would like to do this, please post in this thread with the form below.

...in order of submission...

Legendaries with active owners who are willing to bless upon request (variable reply times)

Name: Fish Bones
Owner: sheepcakes
Modus Operandi: Fish Bones normally 'stalks' his 'prey' for a few days in his foxbun form. If they verbally say, to themselves or a companion, that they'd like a blessing then he'll grant it. However, if the Kin seeking a blessing is friends with FB or carrying his children then he'll bless them as a stag. PM me to request a blessing.

Name: Cue Queue
Owner: Jun D
Modus Operandi: Cue is not nice, she is fair. A Hunter invested in the cycle, the balance, an eye for an eye. If you seek, she will ask 'why'; if your answer lacks, there may be tasks. May also stealth-bless at her own discretion. (Just contact me through Matope Discord or post here to tailor length & complexity!)

Name: Red-stained Blossom
Owner: Jun D
Modus Operandi: As the loving breeder of sand dogs and other goggie-like creatures, Rouge can well understand an expecting parent's desire for many healthy, happy, blessed children! And as a parent as well, of course, uh, yeah. Rouge is always happy to bless, whether in Acha form, goggie form, with or without her pack, whether or not you'd like it - uh, that is to say, extremely flexible blessings! (Just contact me through Matope Discord or post here to tailor length & complexity!)

Name: Peep
Owner: Ruriska
Modus Operandi: A gentle and caring Acha who can usually be found around The Mothers Club tribelands. She is happy to bless anyone who requires it in long or short RP's and while not necessary, would love to be kept up-to-date on both mother and baby's well-being.

Name: Bitter End
Owner: Maxx D
Modus Operandi: Bitter End is a mean goth who will try to wrangle your kin into an existentialist crisis by eating them. RPs might take longer to finish, but will be either an insightful or ridiculous experience. Mostly the latter.

Name: Sleepless
Owner: Jun D
Modus Operandi: Sleepless is a scientist who used to pretend to be an evil Swamp witch who lives in a secluded bower and would hex you if you got too close because she has wicked social anxiety. Now that she has ascended she is...still a scientist and still has wicked social anxiety and still lives in a secluded bower, but might also actually be a Swamp witch now for real just not evil. Come to her infamous secluded witch bower for blessings. (Just contact me through Matope Discord or post here to tailor length & complexity!)

Name: Lull in Sunlight
Owner: anemosagkelos
Modus Operandi: She'll bless for intelligence and perhaps more, if she finds the kin in question suitable after setting them a task or asking them a question. 

Name: Bitter Heartbeat
Owner: anemosagkelos
Modus Operandi: A compassionate stag who will most often bless for courage and self-confidence.

Name: Giveforward
Owner: anemosagkelos
Modus Operandi: A (too-)sweet mare who will bless all for no other reason than she can. One can expect kindness and love; those ill or injured, can find temporary relief.

Name: Travels in Circles
Owner: anemosagkelos
Modus Operandi: Who knows, really, he's not what would call conventional by any means. Do try your luck though; he's quite kind (and extremely confused).

Name: Half Truth
Owner: Scaramouche Fandango
Modus Operandi: Willing to bless any and all families, and is pretty easy to find. However, it's very difficult to lie to her; her legendary power is that kin who try to lie in her presence become tongue-tied and trip over their words. If you need some help coaxing out emotions, she's definitely your goat.

Name: As the Sun Burns
Owner: Blinded By Silence
Modus Operandi: Watch appears as a crane to those who seek him. He will ask for a story or will offer one of his own. Watch's legendary power is the ability to breathe life into words, so prepare for reenactments of these stories. Those who are blessed by Watch are left with a single crane feather, usually white unless you are of his blood, in which it will be blue.

Legendaries with owners who may currently be too busy to RP

Name: Wildflower Breeze
Owner: theCorniest
Modus Operandi: A lot of words, a distracted but kindly storyteller, and perhaps a sprig of mint. Generally blesses for heroic traits - intelligence, goodness, courage, etc.

Name: Nettle
Owner: and be blue
Modus Operandi: Nettle will mock you because he kind of hates you, will give you a hard time, but will at least eventually bless you. Probably. In a roundabout way.

Name: Wood Spider
Owner: phoenix kiss
Modus Operandi: She can make you better, faster, stronger. You just have to believe. She will not bless mushroom breedings.

Name: Longstride
Owner: phoenix kiss
Modus Operandi: Prone to wandering, half-feral as an eaglehound. Tester of limits and teller of tales. Tends to bless for strength and vitality; will not bless mushroom breedings.

Name: Walks Without Rhythm
Owner: phoenix kiss
Modus Operandi: It's going to be exceptionally hard to find Slide ... and the stag has a certain economy of word and action that others might find a bit off-putting. But he is, at least, honest. Perhaps brutally so. He will usually bless for stability and endurance. The best way to find him is to find Meets-the-Sea. He will not bless mushroom clutches.


Legendaries with owners who are no longer active, retired, or explicitly on hiatus
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Volunteer Form
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2019, 05:20:17 PM »
If you are a Legendary owner who would like to volunteer your blessing services, please post in this thread with the form below:

Code: [Select]
[nobbc][b]Name:[/b] [url=http://legendary cert url here(official links only)]kin name[/url]
[b]Owner:[/b] your name
[b]Modus Operandi:[/b] briefly describe what people can expect from a blessing rp with you + any special notes[/nobbc]

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Re: Legendary List & Blessing Volunteers
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Re: Legendary List & Blessing Volunteers
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