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Author Topic: Chat Rules and Tagging  (Read 155 times)


Chat Rules and Tagging
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:00:01 PM »
To keep this forum clear and easy to read, and to help people find threads of conversation that might interest them, we request that you add text tags to the start of your subject to make it clear what your post is about.

[matope] - any posts about matope should include this tag.
[general] - idle conversation that you don't feel has any specific theme.
[media] - TV shows, movies, podcasts, or whatever else may spark your interest.
[books] - this can also include other written works.
[food] - anything related to eating, cooking, or other food stuff.
[pets] - all kinds of adorable creatures!
[fitness] - workout routines or anything else about taking care of your body.
[gaming] - tabletop, video games, board games, card games, or anything else.
[art] - showing off art or asking for advice or whatever else you may have
[serious] - any topics that don't follow the 'light-hearted only' rule of matope should have this tag.

If any topic doesn't seem to fall into any of these categories, please also feel free to invent your own tags.

As a reminder, we request that you keep topics in this subforum (and other areas of the forum) light and friendly. If you have a more serious topic to discuss, please make sure to add the [serious] tag to the start of your post.

In addition, please try not to be inflammatory in your topics here; do not troll other users or attack them, try to keep your interactions calm and friendly.