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Author Topic: Giveaway Signup Thread - READ ME BEFORE POSTING A CONTEST!  (Read 25 times)


Please, before posting a user-run contest for sacks won from breedings, @ blue and @ the other parent in your pairing in this thread with the following form:

Code: [Select]

[b]Source of sack[/b] - Where did it come from? which breeding?
[b]Location of Contest[/b] - Discord or Forum?
[b]Length of Contest[/b] - how long will it last?
[b]Contest Idea[/b] - What do you want to run? Newbie only? etc.

I will 99.99999% of the time tell you to go ahead and get posting via a ping/reply in this thread. This is meant solely to prevent too many contests from clogging up this forum at the same time, and to schedule them so that all contests get an equal viewing and amount of attention.

Also note that if you want to do something short, roughly 24 hours or less, and in the Discord server instead of its own thread in the forum, I will likely give you permission to do that even if something's already going on in the server.