When the Sun Sneezed

Write stories as told by your kin, either to fill Legendary requirements or just for fun.
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When the Sun Sneezed

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The winter market had been a fun and rather interesting place, full of bustling activity and things to do, things he had yet to find in other places in the swamp. Jumping off that cliff to "fly" came to mind here. Yet it was this simple activity of sitting around the fire and sharing stories that was turning out to be Flame Tenders favorite activity. He could listen and observe. Watch, and enjoy...and he didn't have to truly interact. Still, when the turn came to him, he was caught off guard for a moment. He hadn't realized at first he had to share as well as listen but still he cleared his throat a little.

"It's said that we got fire in a very unusual, very silly way." he spoke slowly, looking around a little as he did, never catching any kins eyes for very long. "...you see long ago the weather couldn't decide if it was going to be hot, or cold. If there was going to be clear skies, or cloudy ones, and this continued on, and on and on for days upon weeks."

He could hear some murmurs on how it reminded them of how the weather was strangely cold some days during the current activities, and warm the next. Even hour to hour it changed at points it seemed. He built on that. "It was worse then, great gusts of wind, and flurries of snow filled the land, and even up to the sky on the coldest days. The thick snow heavy clouds covered the sun some days, and uncovered it others, and like the kin below, the sun too grew sick. It grew sick of the changing weather, of the freezing cold, of the constant clouds covering it making it impossible to shine."

There was a pause from Flame Tender briefly, before he started up again, a little smile playing on his lips. "And you all know what happens when you're sick. You shiver, and you shake. You cough, and you sneeze...and so too did the sun. It shivered, and shook and worse it sneezed and sneezed....and when it sneezed some of it's mucus landed down on the ground, burning as if with fever.

A brave kin approached this strange, flickering glowing blob, that seemed to still shiver and shake like the sickened sun it had flown out of, but the kin realized it was warm, as if with fever. The kin watched in fascination as the wind blew a leaf into it and it vanished with a sizzle, and the flickering warmth grew stronger, hotter. They were fortunate it landed in a protected space so nothing caught fire, nor could the cold wind put it out no matter how it tried. Instead the kin found that it was warm to huddle around, and if they kept it fed, it would grow stronger and hotter. And that is how we got fire. Because the sun got sick, and sneezed on us."
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