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Write stories as told by your kin, either to fill Legendary requirements or just for fun.
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Pushed to the limit

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When Serpent of Paradise had been a foul she'd been a restless child, energetic at a level that bordered on annoyance, and really that had only calmed a small amount as she'd grown and matured. So it was not at all surprising to find that some of her children were just as hyper, just as energized, as she ever was, if not more so. It had been true of Oasis, and it was true of Clash as well. The foal could be called a troublemaker, but Merry knew better. She would not fault her son for his spirit and curiosity. No, she would nurture those parts of him.

Nurturing was a bit of challenge when the doe was tired and the days dragged on, but Merry had found the foal responded well to stories, and that was n easy enough thing to give, even at her wariest.

"Come now, cuddle close, my sweet," she cooed softly to the little foal as the shadows stretched long through the swamp around them.

Clash and Burn gave an eager little wiggle, happily bounding around his mouth in an erratic circle before sinking down to curl close against her side, feathered tail laying over hers.

"Have I told you yet about my failed misadventures on the edge of the desert?" Clash shook his head, shifting to rest his chin on Merry's leg. Wide-eyed with wonder, already rivetted.

Merry chuckled.

"I was a little older than you, had just struck out on my own and I wanted to explore, see how far I could get, what I could see. See something different than what I'd grown up seeing." There was longing in her voice, a certain resigned wistfulness. "I started walking. There was no destination in mind, I just picked a direction and kept on that course. Eventually the swamp stated to dry, the trees thinned, the temperature climbed. I didn't know where I was headed, but I was getting somewhere new, and I was excited."

Clash was hanging on his mother's words, quiet and still. She smiled warmly at him.

"Mud gave way to sand. The sun was bright and warm on my back. It was incredible, I loved it." She nuzzled at her son's cheek, he smiled and gave a soft chirrup in return. "But, as much as I wanted to dash out across the open sand, I couldn't. I tried, of course. I tried, again and again, but no matter how many times to walked out over that sun baked sand..." She sighed, resting her cheek on her leg.

Clash's ears drooped. "What was stopping you?" He was curious, but he was tired as well.

"The Ache," she answered forlornly. "It affects us all. A deep, gnawing longing that calls us back to the swamp. I would get so far, and then I'd feel dizzy, sick. My body hurt. It was awful. I couldn't..." She sighed. "There is no getting around it, no ignoring it. I was called back, and the moment I walked onto less dry ground I felt...better. The only way around it is magic."

She nosed the little foal affectionately against the cheek and he made a sleepy little hum, yawned widely. Merry chuckled again, and curled her tail around him. "Every once in a great while something happens, and there is magic that let's us out to see the world. I want that for you, my little one."

He gave another quiet, sleepy hum and Merry smiled. "Sleep tight, sweet boy."

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