Write stories as told by your kin, either to fill Legendary requirements or just for fun.
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A timid doe was traveling in a moon soaked night, trying to find her way home. The shadows within the trees around her an inky void free of life or light. Unending, deep darkness where she can be consumed and will never be found again. She stays in the places where the moonlight shines but keeps looking to the darkness, feeling a presence within it.

That is when she sees it; a pale, translucent figure standing there. As bright as the moonlight, but as intangible as the morning fog. Its eyes as empty and dark as the woods it's standing in. It appears to be getting closer to her, and her eyes widen. It starts moving its mouth, as if it was trying to talk to her, but it is silent. She closes her eyes in fear and when she opens them again, it was gone.

She keeps walking, faster this time, looking behind her and to either side to be sure that figure isn't following her. She doesn't see it but she keeps up her pace, she's starting to breathe a bit heavier. She wants to slow down so she looks behind her again...the pale figure has appeared again!
This time it's gotten really close. She closes her eyes, turns her gaze forward, reopened them and starts running as fast as she can. She runs until her chest hurts and her legs sting. Her breath heavy and uneven. Running toward the light of the moon, through any bushes and over brambles.

She runs into a large clearing, the moon above her and the darkness surrounding her. Surely the pale figure couldn't have followed her here? She looks behind her at the edge of the clearing, expecting to see it there. Her heart is racing so loud she can hear it in her ears. It wasn't there, relieved, she started to calm down. She turns back around towards home. The figure is right in front of her, its chest inches from her face.

She starts to scream but no sound comes out. She tries to run but she can not move. The figure looks down at her face, and lowers its head toward hers. It's speaking softly, almost like the hush of wind. "Are you ready now? It is time to go"

The terrified doe suddenly feels a strange feeling of coldness emanating from within and the terror fades away as the realization washes over her. She starts to cry and bows her head. Once she is done she lifts her head to the sky, taking in the sight of the bright, beautiful moon one last time.
"Yes, I am ready now." Her voice full of fulfillment. The figure turns toward the woods and gestures with its head. They walk into the woods together and both fade away into the darkness.
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