The origin of snow

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The origin of snow

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[imgleft] ... uncert.png[/imgleft] [imgleft] ... uncert.png[/imgleft] Heart Like Ice had heard a story while traveling around, and when she returned she sought out her brother Solitary Journey to share it with him. It had touched something in her, maybe because the story had been so close to her own naming dream. Once she convinced her sibling to settle and let her talk she sat across from him, the small fire he'd started to keep them warm between them.

"So what's this story?" "Be patient would you Solitary? Let me set the scene." she rolled her eyes in vague amusement. "So, as I was traveling I came across this tribe that was talking about how snow came to was right as the snow started to fall...and well their story reminded me a lot of my own naming dream...and it stuck with me and now I want to share it with you."

She smiled as he heaved a sigh and nodded for her to continue.

"So, this tribe, they said that snow was because of this doe, she kept to herself, not wanting to interact with other kin much. She was considered the most beautiful doe in the land..." "Ahhh now I know why you like this story!" Solitary Journey quipped, a loud laugh at the dirty look from his sister. "No! That's not why at all." "I'm teasing you, continue."

There was an annoyed huff from her. "She was considered the most beautiful doe in the land." she said picking up where she left off. "But no one could win her heart, they said that for as beautiful as she was she was cold, uncaring. That her heart was missing and in its place a chunk of ice that couldn't be thawed." she watched with some satisfaction as he listened a little closer. Of course with her name being what it was, a story about a doe with ice for a heart would catch his attention as much as it had hers!

"Many seasons passed, and the doe simply grew lovelier, but still she didn't interact with other kin, until one day a determined, but unremarkable looking buck found her, and tried to talk to her. Day after day he tried, and found himself completely ignored. Still, the rather unremarkable looking buck didn't let himself get discouraged by her. Every day he showed up, some days with a flower, or some berries. Other with fresh meat. He always had something kind to say to her, even though she did little more than roll her eyes, turn her head away, or sniff in dismissal."

Heart shifted a little, looking at the flames.

"One season passed, then another...and still he came to her without fail, and though she didn't speak to him, the things he brought were not ignored, she took them in and used them, ate them. All without a single thanks to him. She saw no reason to thank him. Then one day the buck didn't come, and she found herself listening for the sound of his hooves all day, and nothing. That night sleep was hard to find, and when she woke the next morning it was with a confident "He'll show up today." and again she found herself listening for the familiar hoof-steps that never came. On the third day she found herself leaving her secluded grove, and going looking for him, because she knew the direction he came from, and left each day and found herself wondering if he had decided to stop coming after so many seasons.

As she walked, she was surprised by the dangerous path he'd taken to her home every day. Slippery rocks, deep water, old log over a chasm. All of this she traversed, growing more and more surprised he'd make this journey daily for so long. She wasn't sure how long she traveled, because she was slow and careful, but the sun was high in the sky when she came across the familiar sight of the unremarkable buck.

Or rather she found what was left of him. His hoof had gotten wedged between some large rocks, and he'd been unable to pull it free and it had left him open to attack, and it was quite clear several predators had made a meal of the buck. As the doe took in this sight, she felt hot tears fill her eyes, a sensation she'd never experienced before.

As the tears spilled down her cheeks, the chunk of ice in her chest began to splinter and crack, the air around her growing cold and harsh. It's said that as she stood there crying at the loss of the buck she didn't realize she was growing to love until she'd lost him, that a heart took the place of the ice and the ice shattered into countless tiny flakes and shards, filling the air around her, and then whooshing off to fill the world with her bitter sadness. And that, is why sometimes the cold wind and snow is bitter and biting, just like her broken heart."

She finished speaking and looked at her brother, who took a moment to find his words, and then it just a simple "Wow..." a soft, impressed note. It was a really good story, and made sense why Heart Like Ice had been caught up by it!
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