For the time being, blue is offering adult only repeat breedings;
aka blue is open for breedings only if she has bred these kin together before.

In addition, any unedited repeat breedings will be given a free twin — which means that the minimum for these breedings will be 3 babies, with a 50% chance of a fourth! Additional babies can be purchased at standard cost (+$5 for each additional, $1 to determine gender of any baby). This will not be applied to edited breedings, sadly!

If you’re interested in purchasing a breeding, please send all inquiries to Please put ‘kimeti commission’ somewhere in the subject bar, and your gaia username somewhere in the email.

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Winter Gift Swap

Please note: This event is now closed. This post has been saved for posterity.

Blue and Rejam thought it would be fun to do a Matope Secret Santa swap! If you’re interested in sending and receiving packages, are 18 or older (or have your parent’s consent to participate), and a Matope regular (and we do mean trusted regulars only, please!), Read More…

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Welcome to the Matope RL Commission website. This site should contain all the information required to purchase Matope kin and pets with real money. If you are interested in the shop or looking to purchase using Gaia Gold, please see the links to the right to explore.

Individual Colorist Pages can be found via the Portfolios link up top. From there, you can see what kind of requests they can take on, what sort of slots they have open, and exactly how to contact them to make your order.

The Order Process page contains the required form to make your request.

The Pricing Page contains information regarding the costs of various kin/pets, as well as specific edts.

The Edits Examples page contains visual aids to give an idea of what specific edits look like, and what you’ll be getting.

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