Basic, unedited, semi-custom adult: 10.00
Basic, unedited, semi-custom, growing: 15.00
Basic, unedited, full custom, adult: 20.00
Any edited kin, adult-only: 30.00 base price
Any edited kin, growing: 40.00 base price


we are now going to be offering some tiers for edited semi-customs!

For 35.00 : Includes simple, mostly default edits that add up to roughly $5
For 40.00 : Includes one custom edit, CC, + defaults, all adding to roughly $10
For 50.00 : Includes primarily custom edits, CC, all adding to roughly $20.


“small” pets are songbirds, mongooses, watersnakes, swans and foxbuns.
“large” pets are owlcats, cranes, giant moths, lynxes, cheetahs and giant wasps.
Sand dogs cannot be purchased at this time.

Semi-custom small pet: 3.00
Semi-custom large pet: 5.00
Custom pet: 6.00
Custom large pet: 8.00
Small Pet Breeding: 7.00
Large Pet Breeding: 10.00


Extra leg hair/chest hair/tail hair: 1.50 each
Kimeti Default Hair (mane, tuft, bangs, see examples): 3.00
Custom Hair (created from scratch): 6.00+
Edited back spines: 3.00
Butch edit / Bull edit to bulk up kimeti: 3.00
Kimeti glowing markings/vibrant eye glow: 2.00
Kimeti Reshaped shoulder scale: 5.00
Different tail: 5.00
Horn edits of any kind: 6.00
Small accessory (feather, flower, shell, etc.): 6.50

Note: Should an edit be particularly complicated, it may cost more.
As such, it’s always wise to contact a colorist for a quote.

You cannot buy edited pets/familiars, wings, or Legendary Kin. 

Check individual colorist portfolios for availability.
All prices USD.

Posted at January 18th, 2012.