Phoe’s Portfolio [Avatar Semi Sale!]

  • Colourist: phoe (phoenix kiss)
  • Edits ability:  Any and all.
  • Current open slots: Open for semicustoms, customs, and breedings.
  • Turnaround time: Varies – 3(ish) weeks is generally normal for breedings, and speedier for semicustoms/etc.
  • Email: Please put ‘kimeti commission’ somewhere in the subject bar, and your gaia username somewhere in the email. Please do not PM me on Gaia regarding RL Commissions.

Right now, I’m taking Avatar-Based Semicustom Kin requests!

(This is going to help fund some IRL dental work, so that phoe doesn’t remain in danger of losing a couple of teeth…)

These will be done with an automatic $3 discount which is applicable to any tier of edits [$35, $40, or $50 becomes $32, $37 or $47]!

Shoot me an email with all relevant information and an avatar of your choice — this can be your current avatar, one you’ve saved, or even one you’ve designed on tektek/etc. You can even give me an option to pick out of two or three for a nice semicustom surprise!

NOTE: I greatly prefer semi customs to full customs as it gives me a certain amount of artistic liberty to use with your kin! While custom kin are still certainly acceptable,  please keep in mind that they will almost certainly cost more and that any tweaks/edits are limited to 1 pass unless something remains glaringly wrong. Thank you!
Examples: Phoenix’s Colorist Folder, or



Edited (default & custom edits):

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