The base cost is $25 for growing, and $20 for adult only.
For this price, you get:

2 babies / 1 baby if both parents are yours
a 50% chance of a third baby
a 10% chance that third baby is twins.

You cannot claim a Legendary sack  in RL breedings, but RP is alright.

Additional babies will cost $5 each,
and adding a pair of twins [only one per breeding] will be $8.

The most babies there can be in any given RL breeding is 5. This means you could buy up to three additional sacks [four if both parents are yours] in order to guarantee that there will be the maximum in a breeding. This must be decided before we roll for extra sacks!!

Depending on the level of editing, an extra $5-15 total will be added.

If you want to determine the gender of any the babies, that’ll be $1 each.

It doesn’t matter if one person pays it all, or if it is split down the middle, but both parties must send emails to determine consent.

Your username:
Link to your Kin: please link their page
Second parent’s username:
Link to second Kin: please link their page
Edited or unedited breeding?:
Extra offspring? Please specify any twins.
Determining gender?:
Throwbacks?: You can list up to 4 ancestors for possible throwbacks; throwbacks not guaranteed! Please link their pages
Total amount of your request:
Other notes, if any:

When it comes to edits, please ask the specific artist for a price quote.
See individual portfolio pages for artist availability.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no ‘customing’ of babies at Matope.

Whether you do an adult-only breeding OR a growing one, what you see is what you get.

Unless the quality is poor — something that should not happen with our colorists — no changes will be made to the finished work. If you’d like to have ‘custom babies’ you can order the offspring each as individual full customs, based around parent appearances, at full custom price.

Posted at January 18th, 2012.