Edited Semi-Customs

*TEMPORARILY CLOSED*: These might open again soon! As of this moment, though, I have too much on my list to take on more.


For a limited time, in the hopes that some of you will be able to buy gifts for friends, and be blue is offering edited semi-custom kin! 

For 35.00 : Includes simple, mostly default edits that add up to roughly $5
For 40.00 : Includes one new edit, CC, + defaults, all adding to roughly $10
For 50.00 : Includes primarily new edits, CC, all adding to roughly $20.

Slots are unlimited for the time being; this post will be edited to reflect if they should close.

If you’re interested in a growing edited-semi, the price will be x1.5.
Note that many edits at Matope don’t appear until adolescent or adult stages.

Ordering Options

You have several options for ordering one of these semi-customs.

  1. Give an inspiration image. This is your best bet; I work best with images.
  2. Give three colors & three adjectives – the rest will be up to blue.
  3. Give a palette from colour lovers, design-seeds or a similar site, or make your own.
  4. In addition to any of the above, you’re also welcome to give a brief personality blurb.

To order, please send the following form to be.blue@gmail.com,
with the subject “Matope Edited Semi-Custom”

Your Gaia username:
Price Point: $35-$50
Species of Kin:
Gender of Kin:
Inspiration: Can only be from the options above!
Notes, if any: Such as who this is a gift for, if this is a gift!

Posted in Portfolios by blue at March 19th, 2012.

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