Blue’s Portfolio

Colourist: blue (and be blue)
Edits ability: Any and all edits.
Current open slots: BREEDINGS ONLY
Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks, depending on complexity.
Email: Please put ‘kimeti commission’ somewhere in the subject bar, and your gaia username somewhere in the email. Please do not PM me on Gaia regarding RL Commissions. You can, however, message me on AIM: and be blue.
Examples: Blue’s Colorist folder, or


[star scale, spine spikes, forehead star/antennae, facial hair, eye edits, and glowy wings]

[hair, horn and hoof edits, glowing eyes]

[hair, horn and hoof edits, added leg fur, glowing eyes and markings]

[hair and tail edits]

[added fur on face, chest and legs, tail edit, snarl, glowing eyes]

[shoulder scale and hair edit, glowing markings, backspine removal]

[hair, horn, tail, added fur, backspine removal]

[horn, tail, eye edits, glowing markings]

[horn and leg fur edits]

[hair edit]

[horn and tail edits]

[butch doe edit, glowing eye, backspine removal]

[tongue edit]

[beard and tail edit, added ear hair]


Posted in Portfolios by blue at January 18th, 2009.
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